The Frost album Jem would rather forget...

Started by Wickerman, July 02, 2014, 12:25:25 AM

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Little did we know that there was actually another Frost album before Milliontown, scrapped after it was decided a major image overhaul was needed...


singer-guitarist Dick Wagner
Gordy Garris (bass)
Bob Rigg (drums)
Don Hartman (guitar).

The Frost
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Well, dodgy artwork nothwithstanding, do we actually know whether the music was any cop?


There is plenty of clips on youtube... not bad; sounds very much like a product of its time. But hey, I like me some 70s rock.


I nearly thought this was serious. Lol. I've never heard the particular Frost in question, but about 3 years back when I first heard Hyperventilate and looked on Wickipedia to find out more, I did first stumble on the 70s frost. I did wonder at the time what they'd sound like, but I was all consumed to learn more of the Godfrey version so I never looked further.
Although this is quite a problem for bands choosing names. I don't know if Jem knew of his predecessors,  but if he had might he have thought, "Bugger, someones already had it."? I know in the past when choosing band names, the ones I've liked best have either been laughed at by others, or someo other sod's already had it. In my latest venture I can't tell you the number of names I had to throw out because of those reasons.
Also, interestingly  according to Amazon wence I downloaded million town, Frost are "The Frost". Go figure! Lol


I didn't check to see if it's been corrected or not, but iTunes once had them listed as Jennifer Frost, who by odd coincidence was a member of Atomic Kitten. And who worked with Atomic Kitten? And who could argue that Frost makes a better prog band name than McClarnon?  :)
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Haha that's jolly funny! I'm chuckling now. :)