Random Jazz Fusion of the day

Started by Rook, August 17, 2014, 03:06:38 AM

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Just stumbled across "Snarky Puppy" on youtube and thought some here might appreciate it. This song - imagine solid 70s style funk (complete with horn section) that somewhere along the way ventures into Chic Corea territory before crashing headlong into an amazing 4 minute display of jazz fusion keyboard pyrotechnics that remind me a touch of the highlights of Patric Moraz' finest moments (not to mention Chic Corea and Jan Hammer)



Big fan of Snarky!

Check out Kneebody, too, if you like the Snark.


Holy schmoly!
I've been well & truly Snarked.
Thanks Rook :)
* May contain nuts.


I predict a contingent of Frost*ies at the next Snarky gig this side of the pond  :)
Also to be found running the website and merch sales at www.lifesignsmusic.co.uk



And if you want to take the "band" thing a bit farther, try Darcy James Argue's Secret Society:

good, good stuff.


Not bad.

He said understatedly. Verry nice. Not quite the same but it kind of reminds me of Maynard Furguson in the primal scream days. :) Thanks Rook for sharing


Nice! One to keep an eye out for for sure...

And I'll give you two band in a similar(ish) vein I saw at this year's Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival...

Thunkfish  short video


Fat Suit  and this one