Experiment #124 with world premiere from Dec Burke's new band, AudioPlastik

Started by gr8gonzo, November 15, 2014, 08:54:20 PM

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I'm sure this will be of interest to some Frosties. My latest podcast will indeed feature the world premiere of AudioPlastik, which features the talents of Mr. Declan of Burkeshire, Simon Andersson of Pain of Salvation fame and Richard West of Threshold. The single, called "Now," will be released Monday and is available for pre-order through Bad Elephant Music, but you can hear it first on EIMA.


The show will be available for streaming and downloading here:
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Oo, exciting. :) Lovely, will download forthwith. Thanks for your continuing great work.


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Well, was just thinking how great this is but wondering when Dek was gonna turn up, when I realised I'd downloaded 123. So 123 is great and i'm now off to listen to 124. But you do realise Mr Gonzo you're gonna make me spend loads of money agin! Lol


My apologies for not posting the show straight away. On the bright side, the podcast is free and #124 only had a few new tracks on it, so any collateral damage to your wallet should be considerably less.  :)
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