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Started by tigermoth, November 12, 2014, 09:00:11 PM

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Couldn't really find a category that suited all of this so just thought i'd have a general ramble. Firstly, hope all you Frosties are thriving and feeling grrrrrrreat and wondreful.
Got my hot little hands on Kaipa's latest album today> Really loving it. I've posted about Kaipa here before and generally not had enthusiastic responses, but I must say I love 'em. I'll admit that sound and style wise they haven't really changed much in the last few albums, but it really works for me. Love the vocalists, love the guitarist, the songs, all of it, plus its nice to hear a bit of recorder now and then. :)

I don't know if any one has spoken about the Genesis documentary on here yet so I may be covering old ground: but I watched it again last night just to see if i'd misjudged it the first time round. Nope. I didn't. As a life long fan, I wasn't really expecting to hear anything i'd not heard before, and lets just say that was fortunate. Lol. I'm not one of these genesis fans who clammers for the often hinted at reunion, because I really don't think it will happen and the guys are all making great music on there own anyway especially Mr Hackett. That brings me to my main gripe, was it just me, or did they totally not credit his solo stuff atall. I mean after he left the band. It was like he'd never existed.
I'm not naive, I appreciate they were going to concentrate more on collins and gabriel and Genesis's more successfull 80s period, but come on. Even Banks's solo career was made more of. It just seems like a deliberate slight to me, although I suspect this could have had as much to do with the documentary makers as with the band. I just think its very rude, especially considering what Hackett is doing to keep Genesis's legacy alive at the moment.
Then again, they sort of went and missed out Phil leaving and the Ray Wilson album which I would have thought were fairly important events in Genesis's history, but then what the hell do I know. I thought the whole thing was a bit of a sham really. I have a documentary on a DVD I forget the name. SOmething like "The Genesis Story). Anyway I really don't think there's any thing new or worth the time and money that this new  documentary must have cost to make. Even more sad when you know that pretty much the only reason for it was to coincide with the (ahem ahem) compilation that just came out. I just think sometimes the old sleeping dogs saying applies. We stil have the music and that's the best thing.
As for snubbing Steve, well I guess his getting on for 30 solo albums don't count, but they'll do for me. Lol

I'm very much looking forward to Dave Kerzner's much talked about album. I think he said October, but these things often don't run to time. Should be great though. Well, with all those stars of prog on it, if it's not great i'll want to know why. Lol
Speaking of much talked about albums, on to an album i've been talking a lot about. My own. I'm not saying it officially, but we could be on for a December release with a bit of luck. :)
For my birthday I was bought Touch Stone's oceans of Time. My first ever TOuch Stone album. Really enjoying it. So much good music out there and not enough time in one's life.
Also looking forward to JM's solo album, and I Hear that Jeff Green is working on his next release too.
So, all good stuff. Feel free to add your thoughts folks and whatever else you've got on your mind. :)


Thanks tigermoth!

Just stepping out of music for a moment to build on the awesome news of today...
In honour of Philae we should relaunch WTF as WTF* for TA or WTpH for the science that  Philae will enable...
as in...
parking a  bean can on a snowball 200 million km away... WTF*?
finding the origins of life... WTpH?

Back in the room... How about honouring the Philae moment in original compositions you talented bunch?

Frost*-Saline "these women are the best in rock" ref: you tube
aliensatemycrumpets...frost*, frost*, maximum*** frost*...


Well, I can't honestly say i've ever been much interested in our space expoditions and all the general beggering about up there we seem to be doing, but then again I know very little about it, and I am looking for a concept for a prog eppic i'm writing with Red Bazar, so you never know. :)


Hi Tigermoth. Totally agree with your comments re- the Genesis documentary. The 3 things that jumped out to me when I watched it were that every studio album was mentioned except Wind and Wuthering and Calling All Stations, Ray Wilson was never even referred to and Steve Hackett's solo works and especially the huge success of his Genesis Revisited tours were nowhere to be seen. Extraordinary really. Steve was apparently furious (the documentary was made by Messrs Collins, Banks and Rutherford's production company...) and has said that he will not stock the DVD on his webshop. These petty omissions / revisions of history really skewed and spoiled an otherwise good and enjoyable documentary.
Come on, you\'re a lion!


Couldn't agree more DS. I think the documentary is about 45 minutes to an hour. I think they could have made a two parter easily. With such an interesting band history, not to mention the history of the individuals and there solo careers, I think it could have been done. I hear a blue ray is coming out with the documentary. I hope maybe there'll be some more stuff on there, but I don't suppose it'll be much. I think fans who by that deserve a little more bang for there buck if that's the expression. :) I suppose Steve playing a little excerpt from invisible touch in his latest shows is his way of cocking a snook at the other chaps.


Quote from: tigermoth on November 12, 2014, 11:09:56 PM
I suppose Steve playing a little excerpt from invisible touch in his latest shows is his way of cocking a snook at the other chaps.
Ha ha!  ;D I hadn't heard he was doing that! When I saw him last year it was purely the vintage stuff.
Interestingly I see he was also playing The Knife on this tour, which came from Trespass and pre-dated his involvement with the band.
Come on, you\'re a lion!


Yes indeed he did play the knife. No doubt partly as a hats off to Anthony philips who I believe he's worked with a few times, and also i guess it must have been a great number to play back in the day. The invisible touch thing was just a little doodle when he picks up his nylon string to play horizons. It went down well as you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsfO5ilk7hM
Funny :)