Cocoon! Debut album from Tiger Moth Tales! Out Now!!

Started by tigermoth, November 27, 2014, 11:04:56 PM

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Yes really, 'twas on the email from them.
Top man wot you are  :)
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You're a right propper gent sir you are and no mistake. :)



Yup, I was rather pleased to see that, too.

You've recorded a corker there, Mr Moth, and no mistake!
* May contain nuts.



Still in there at number 10

01. ARENA - The Unquiet Sky - GBP 11.99
02. CHRISTINA - The Light - GBP 9.99
03. GLASS HAMMER - The Breaking Of The World - GBP 9.99
04. STEVE HUGHES - Tales From The Silent Ocean - GBP 9.99
05. PARZIVALS EYE - Defragments - GBP 10.99
06. THE TANGENT - A Spark In The Aether (Special CD Digipak) - GBP 13.99
07. LONELY ROBOT - Please Come Home (Special Edition Digipak) - GBP 10.99
08. MAGIC PIE - King For A Day - GBP 10.99
09. GRAND TOUR - Heavy On The Beach - GBP 10.99
10. TIGER MOTH TALES - Cocoon - GBP 9.99
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:) Right next to Grand Tour. Lovely chaps. :) I'm very lucky.


Finally, at long last, I see Prog magazine has caught up and reviewed Cocoon!  8)
And given it a glowing review naturally.  ;D
Come on, you\'re a lion!


Hi DS. Thank you. Yes I'm pretty excited about that. Sorry chaps I don't seem to have been here for a while. :) It's a very kind and wonderful review. However, I actully did an interview with progmag a while back so when someone told me I was in the mag I thought it would be that, so not sure if that's gonna be in there or not. Stil really exciting though. :)