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Are Frost* Still Going?

Started by Wickerman, December 12, 2014, 10:50:39 AM

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Simple question - maybe not so simple answer!?

I don't get as much chance to visit the forums as I used to, but I follow Jem's Twitter, and try to keep up with his various blogs... But unless I'm missing something, a lot of those pages seem to have come and gone. Anyway, I haven't seen any mention of Frost* since the start of this year when the excellent Rockfield Files came out, and there were live versions of a few great new tracks from a proposed new studio album on there. Anyone know if that's still in the works, has Jem moved onto pastures new and finished with Frost*, or are things just quiet at the moment?

Cheers :-)


I think it depends on which day of the week you ask the question. ;)
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My understanding based on a few tweets of Jem's recently is that Frost* are still "going" (as in they haven't split the band up officially), but there is no music being worked on currently and no plans for the foreseeable future.
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Basically, Jem is busy doing other stuff, his frost* mojo is on holiday, and he'll get back to it when the fancy takes him...

i.e. business as usual in Frost*-land :)


Quote from: Mordwin on December 12, 2014, 06:38:47 PM
Basically, Jem is busy doing other stuff, his frost* mojo is on holiday, and he'll get back to it when the fancy takes him...

i.e. business as usual in Frost*-land :)
Heh!  Yup, that's about it!  ;D
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Jim Takacs

Since this is a "New" thread and it has been answered I think Ill throw a random thought in and derail it.    Any Who....     I Spent the Last 4 Days in Disney World.. Wonderful time.. Wonderful place IF your either wealthy or just don't need food.. First Time actually..  Since its only a 2 1/2 hr drive it was all Frost* there and Back. I like to Frost*binge from time to time..  That being said, it hit me on the drive home in the dark..  Jem needs to score a Disney film..  90% of Milliontown, the track, would give Walt a hard on! So if you read this Jem, its time to whip out the bell tree samples and tear-jerking goosebumpy chord structures and Get Paid Yo..  THEN.... you can fart out Frost* albums weekly..  Id do it but I live IN Floriduh where Micky lives so that automatically disqualifies me.  Plus the name Frost* is already taken..     ....Squirrel..    :o
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Whatever happened to "6 Minutes In September"? And then there was supposed to be some new music from Jem but that fell through I guess? Needless to say I'm bummed out with the lack of new Frost* stuff. They're still one of my top 5 most played bands in my music collection.


There must be a serious amount of unfinished frost and jem godfrey solo stuff out there, first off you've got six minutes in september then there was the c.o.a album both of which were shelved, plus theres the solo album that still hasn't seen light of day, i dont know about anyone else but if gem isn't going to finish these projects then why not release a cd of them as demos, i would be very happy to hear this stuff, even in demo form i bet it sounds great knowing gems usual standards.
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I think that the Clouda album was going to be worked on this autumn.
And as Lights Out has disappeared from Soundcloud and JG has been VERY quiet lately, I think we should sit tight ;)
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Jim Takacs

Yeah, Agreed..  but I Have a suspicion or should I say Wishy hopey thing that Jem being the Festive Fellow we All know and love that He just might give us a Christmas present..  fingers crossed!   :-\
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Just posted a tiny bit of Jem, Andy Edwards and Steve Lawson, not what you guys wanted but, hey, it's the thought...etc. :)
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Jem's gone quiet on Twitter, as well, but history would suggest he's likely focused on a project other than his own. I had noticed Lights Out was removed and wondered what the reason might be, but with no word from the man, we can only speculate. Most of us understand Jem's music is a hobby and his plans often change. Those inclined to complain about it should try raising 4 children and see how long it takes to put out an album of Jem's quality. He may release something. He may not. Best to just be patient and hope he surfaces with a status update at some point.
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What will be will be, and if it be I have no doubt it will be awesome. :)


I nominate Mr T. Moth as a stand in Jem, get a load of the Xmas tracks  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Are Frost still going? - Don't know, but I've got some lactulose syrup if that helps..... ;)