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Started by tigermoth, February 03, 2015, 08:39:08 AM

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TA-DA!! For all TMT enthusiasts, I am excited and a little terrified to announce that I've decided to take the RPM challenge. For those who don't know, the challenge is to write and record an album, in 28 days, or to put it another way in February. This anual event is an exercise in creativity and using the resources at your disposal. To learn more read here:  I intend to make a reasonably decent album in the 28 days given. Well, 26 now. I think this will work wonders for the creative juices, and hopefully give TMT fans a nice bonus as I know some of you have already asked me when the next album will be happening. I also intend to fit in this creation around everything else I'm trying to do at the minute, hense why I'm terrified. Gem Godfrey didn't manage it, so what chance do I have? Lol. Ah well, gonna do it anyway. So, I shal now depart in to the studio and write a master piece. Lol. In the meantime, don't forget about Cocoon which if you haven't got already you can rush to download it here:  Wish me luck folks! :)



To be fair although Jem said February, he didn't say which February. Anyway good luck from me, too


Good luck indeed. Remember, plenty of people managed to complete this challenge last year. I guess we'll find out how good your time management skills are!! Hopefully (unlike Jem) you'll not have too much else get in the way of this project :)


Good on you Pete!  I look forward to hearing the results in early March.
Although I'm not doing it again this year, I had great fun doing the challenge last year.  I'm sure your efforts will be much more worthy and interesting than mine!  8)
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I believe Jem read it as a month of February's  :) :)

Sod off & crack on. Tempus fugit & all that.

Good luck with it
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Haha. Well John, I'm supposed to be writing lyrics for 3 prog epics for Red Bazar, and at some point laying down all the tracks for their album. Also, I really should crack on with that dreaded "Second Album". THen there's promotional stuff to do for Cocoon, and my normal crappy gigs. Lol. For me, that's megger busy, although to Gem I suspect that would be like a holliday. :) We shal see indeed folks. DS, thank you. It was down to you that I discovered  RPM, and I stil have your great job from last year. Really inspired me. I actually have been trying to suppress ideas since march last year when I heard yours. I didn't want to cheet, so whenever I find my brain thinking of RPM ideas I've had to forece myself to think of something else. And now here we are. Wish I could bloody remember my ideas. Haha. Thanks for the encouragement chaps. :) Right, back to studio we go.


good luck and have fun!


Thanks for your encouraging words mothingtons! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and got some cool wizzo stuff happening. Cripes yes! So, the RPM challenge continues. I'm starting to pannic already and it's only the first week. Today I really hope to speed through the keyboard parts and build up some nice big sounds. Here's where you have to really optimise time and use of sounds, without it sounding like you're cutting too many corners. So lots of nice big pads, but hopefully with some definition and detail. Then the leeds. Hope my chops are in good order. Wish me luck guys.



Evening Frosties. Good lord. What a day. Been hard at it in the studio since 8AM. Things are shaping up nicely, though With the vocals stil to do, and mixing etc, I'm starting to panic. I also have no idea how people who have regular jobs would even be able to attempt this challenge, that said, I suppose I've made it harder than it needed to be. :) Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys a sneaky peek of what I've been working on since Feb 3rd. This is not mixed, very rough and ready, but you'll get the idea. I think it won't turn out too bad. Enjoy:


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Quote from: tigermoth on February 10, 2015, 11:30:16 PM
I think it won't turn out too bad. Enjoy:
Enjoyed as instructed  :)
It's not half bad already
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Sounding good so far :) looking forward to hearing the rest of it!


Thanks a lot guys. :) I think it's going to be silly, but fun, hopefully with enough proggy showy offy bits to keep musos happy. :) As ever, lyrics are slow coming. Wrote the music to the whole thing in under two days. Now just need a few bloody words and I'm like ..... "ermmmmmmmmm". Lol. Ah well, they'll come. :)