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Started by tigermoth, June 04, 2015, 06:24:10 PM

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Fellow Frost*ies, I present to you the Teaser for the new album.
Folks may recall that in Feb, I set out to write and record an album in 28 days. Well I didn't start till Feb 3rd, but I did it. The result is "Story Teller - Part 1".
I'm not tempting fate by putting a release date just yet, but we are confidently expecting to put it out towards the end of this month. Please do check out the teaser and watch this space! ..


That's got a like from me for starters  :) :)
More than a hint of Genesis to it
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Sounding immense as per usual TM! Looking forward to it :)
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Oh, that old thing?!  ;)  Pete was good enough to give me a copy of the album in early March and it has been very difficult not to post anything about it here since.  :-X  Suffice to say, if you enjoyed Cocoon, you will love this too.  The track Story Tellers is possibly the best song Genesis never recorded - very 'And The There Were Three'.  I think even Jem would be impressed by the keyboard solo in it.  There is a fantastic 13 minute epic, The Piper.  And being TMT, there are the odd silly moments too - A Kid's Tale will possibly be something of a Marmite track!  As previously, the musicianship and imagination are of the highest quality - and the fact that it was all written and recorded in less than a month is frankly gobsmacking.
Something to look forward to.  8)
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Bring it on

If not sooner
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End of the month, as in probably available at the Magenta gigs ???
That's my pocket money gone then!!!! ;) :o
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Thanks everyone. DS, Yeah, sorry I'll do you another one. Lol. Seriously, thank you for your compliments mate and for being restrained until now and keeping schtum. I'm interested indeed to see how Kid's Tale and the Piper go down. Genesis ... now that name rings a bell. I might have heard a track or two of theirs. :) Mooncat, possibly, or possibly the following Monday. :)  Thanks for the great feedback everyone.  I'll keep you posted about release dates etc should you wish to be purchasing. :)


Quote from: tigermoth on June 05, 2015, 12:45:30 PM
should you wish to be purchasing. :)
What's with the should?
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Yes, very mid-era genesis indeed... but given that's some of their best stuff... looking forward to it indeed :)