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Stomp box thingy

Started by tigermoth, March 16, 2015, 04:58:43 PM

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Hi frosties. I wondered if any of you are stomp box users, by which I mean bits of wood that you kick not guitar pedals.   For a while now I've gone to gigs where people are using Kajons and I really like the sound. I do a fair amount of acoustic stuff and when I play guitar I can do a sort of drumming thing as I play using different parts of the guitar. But I'm thinking of doing some acoustic piano stuff and I'm wondering how I can get a drum going to. As I say, I like the sound of the Kajon, and also I know people use various stomp boxes, Porch Boards etc. And there's more advanced things like the Farmer Foot Drums wich have a kick snare and high hats.  It would be great to have a kick and snare sound, but most of the things I've found which might do the trick need both feet, or in the case of the Kajon the hands.
So what I'm looking for quite speciffically, is some kind of box which has a heel and toe arrangement where one foot can do the bass and snare by an up and down movement of the heel.
I've come across a couple of electrical efforts which claim to do this. In the case of the Puk'n stompa, the kick isn't too bad, but the snare is a bit nasty. In the case of the Beet Root, it says you can get a wide range of sounds from the two pickups and then proceeds to demonstrate this. But to me it all sounds pretty much the same and not too good at that.
I am not handy at all and have no real grasp of making stuff, but I did wonder if something could be made with a foot pedal on some kind of spring. Some kind of beeter system and a stomp box with two different playing areas a bit like the Kajon. On the downward push the snare sound could be achieved, and with the upward bounce the kick sound could be made using different beeters and playing surfaces.   In my mind it works, but I have no notion of how to make it.
Failing that, I guess something could be done with pickups I guess. Or a totally electric system. But I'm thinking that would sound pretty lifeless.
Well, I just wondered if anyone here had any experience, and if anyone has heard or thought of something similar to my suggestion. I'm sure its doable, but don't know how. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers. :)