'So'Far' New album by Andy Edwards

Started by TBE, February 26, 2017, 09:57:31 AM

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Hello Frosties

I have new album out on bandcamp entitled 'So Far'


The album is basically one track that is half an hour long with some outtakes and other stuff added. I would describe it as progressive free jazzfusion with ambient elecronica dub tendencies. A lot of it is in 15/16 so any fans of this time signature will be really happy.

My bandcamp stuff is basically stuff from my vaults and music that has very little commercial potential. This album is in the latter category.

Currently, in the real world, I'm playing for the folk rock band Quill. Quill have been going for 40 years and have a fantastic following. I replaced Bev Bevan in the band so yet more Frost/ELO connections! We will be playing Cropready festival this year. We have a bunch of gigs elsewhere too.

I have been working on the music for a play (This album came out of the sessions for that). It's called 'The Dancing Club' and we hope to be getting funding to tour it.

I have also been doing some informal gigs with Robert Plant which has been awesome. Great to jam with him again!

On another note, I met up with Dec Burke last week, his new album 'Book of Secrets' is really fantastic with some great playing and monster choruses...what a singer! Anyone going to see him tonight?

All the best

Andy E


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Fun!!  very Zappa, which is great!  must be the 15/16....



I love Frank Zappa. My BIG FOUR influences are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin and Frank Zappa. The most important prog bands for me were Yes and King Crimson. I like to use complex rhythmic structures as a basis for composition (straight from McLaughlin and Zappa) and 15/16 is interesting as it can sound like 5/8 or 5/16 or even 3/4 and the beginning of this track really pushes that concept.

Special mention to Tom Clarke-Hill on double bass. His music CV is nuts, played with everyone from Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra to George Shearing and Art Farmer. He is also a voice actor and did the voice for Tony the Tiger (who ate Frosties!!!) and he's in Fantastic Beasts too!