Learning To Fall

Started by Rick, December 09, 2008, 04:12:36 PM

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Hi folks, its amateur hour again :D
This is a thing called (for want of a better name) Learning To Fall.
It evolved from the same sessions as Waterwall.
I know walls of keyboards are unfashionable but its got walls of keyboards so there ;)
Starts off all strident and then picks up tempo and gets a tad widdley...
Can't see a download link in the soundclick player but it is downloadable from the music page.
Hope you like it.

http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplaye ... 32696&q=hi


Cool stuff, Rick.  Has some elements of New Age, Phil Collins (in a good way), and even a few chords from Thriller.  The light piano layer is very nice.  I also like how it picks up pace midway through.

...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around


liked it so much I joined soundclick so I could download it!  thanks!


Hello, thanks for your comments fellas, nice to get feedback positive or otherwise..
In this case its sounding quite positive so thank you. ;)


Really like the song Rick :) Will be signing up too now to be able to download :)

( which is really not something I like to do, as I am quite forgetfull with passwords and all)
- Just because nobody understands you, it doesn\'t mean you\'re an artist...-

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Thanks Ghost glad you liked it, actually i did not realize you had to be signed in in order to download, must be because i am automatically signed in all the time  :shock:


Good work Rick, the walls of keyboard might be unfashionable but it works for me. Well done.


Quote from: "Rick"Hi folks, its amateur hour again :D
I think not  :D
Nice one again
I used to have a signature


Thanks very much John and Mikey,  :D

Dave M

Jan Hammer meets Europe .. is my original reaction, but I thinks thats the sounds rather than the music.. loving the guitar (if thats what it is .. its getting hard to tell these days). Great tune Rick.
... it was like watching a peach jelly f##k a steel drum ..