RIP Chris Squire

Started by rogerg, June 28, 2015, 03:32:18 PM

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So very sad.

Gone to the Heart of the Sunrise.



Terrible news. And so soon after his diagnosis was made public too :-(


 :( :'(  Very sad.  There goes another hero of mine.  Thanks Chris for all the music and inspiration.  I'm grateful I got to see him live a couple of times, playing some of his classic bass lines, including Awaken with his famous triple neck bass.
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Young family too. Tragic


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I was moved by the massive outpouring of condolences, emotion and love for the big man on Facebook yesterday and today.


Absolutely gutted to hear of Chris Squire's death  :'(. Yes has always been my favourite band, his bass guitar was unique.
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I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I know little of the great man's material outside of Yes, but I'm a Yes fan. However, Squackett is a great album in my book, and I'm very happy for Steve Hackett that he managed to make that creation with Chris. I like so many others am very sad to hear of his passing, but what a tremendous legacy to leave behind, and at least it will be a catalist for myself and others like me to start to explore his music outside of Yes and that's a positive at least. I'm definitely looking forward to that. RIP Sir, we salute you.