How I did it back in '98...

Started by JimD, August 25, 2015, 11:26:43 AM

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I put a video up over the weekend of one of my old releases from my band-with-a-stupid-name from 1998.

The reason I am posting it here is that the original CD came with a booklet which explained how the collection of songs came about and how it was recorded and with what instruments (Yamaha TQ5, SHS-10/sholky and Rex 50, Boss DR-550, Freebass FB-383 and assorted other bric-a-brac).

I decided to make the "video" of this using this text, so it slowly scrolls up the screen throughout the first 4 or 5 songs and may be of interest to gear-heads. In the background is a photo of all the gear.

I will say upfront that the music may not be of interest to anyone - it is mostly very harsh and industrial and not very melodic in a proggy sense. But you can always turn it down and listen to something else if you do want to read through it all.
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