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Started by tigermoth, September 08, 2015, 07:03:41 PM

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Wasn't sure where to put this but it is an announcement after all. :) This week's edition of the Waiting Room presented by Marty dorfman, will be a special live music show with some of the cream of prog performing live via Skype! Yes you read right. From 8PM til 11PM EDT, which unfortunately for those in the UK is 1AM til 4AM saturday morning. But that's perfect for insomniacs and this will be a rare treat as we do have some great names of prog. Read more below courtesy of Marty. ......
"This Friday night, September 11, The Waiting Room on The House of Prog becomes The Progressive Coffeehouse where you will hear some of your favorite progressive artists play mostly acoustically LIVE via Skype on our incredible internet radio juggernaut coming to you at 192kbps!! This will be somewhat lo-fi and will be reminiscent of the acoustic coffeehouse experience of the 70's....with music from incredible artists of the current progressive music scene. We will have 8 to 10 acts who will have 20 minutes to entertain you and inform you as to their current activities. Riding shotgun for this affair, because I couldn't possibly do this alone as the mic will be completely live for 3 hours, will be Rob Rutz and our friend Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales who will also be performing for you!
Also performing for you live via Skype during this broadcast will be Ryche Chlanda of Renaissance and solo album fame!!!
Rachel Flowers will play a few of her original compositions via Skype!!! Rachel has been a performing star on Youtube and in-person on the West Coast for a few years now and her original compositions should be stellar!! If that's not enough, KERRY CHICOINE of Heliopolis, formerly of Mars Hollow, will play a few solo acoustic tunes for you! Anyone who knows him knows that Kerry is all about performing and you'll really enjoy his set!!
The complete roster of all of the performers will be revealed.......soon!!!
Hang in there....


Talking of live music the old Tiggermoth is out and about again;

There is also an exciting update to the show at The Wesley Centre, Maltby by former NICE guitarist DAVY O'LIST on 14th November! Support will be a special performance by PETE JONES (TIGER MOTH TALES), whose albums 'Cocoon' and 'Story Tellers (Part One)' have been praised by many as being amongst the best Prog releases of the last few years. Should be a great show!

Tickets for all shows are still available here:

See you there!
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