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Started by Mikey, September 21, 2015, 01:59:31 PM

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Awww Pete these are fantastic - especially Tall Ships  :)



Thanks a lot folks. Tall Ships was a highlight for me. Playing with Francis and John felt like some serious prog heretage, even though what we played wasn't especially proggy. But some serious musical heretage whatever way you look at it. :)  Not to mention getting to sit on a chair at the back of the stage just behind where BBT were playing and cheering them on heartily. :)


Now then. Anybody free tomorrow evening and within driving distance of Maltby? If so there are stil some tickets left to see the great Davy O List supported by some fellow who calls himself the Mothster. (me). Yup, Tiger Moth Tales is supporting Davy O List of The Nice Fame, and I'm doing an hoour long set which is also nice. So if you're not to far away and you're fre, it'll be a great show I know, you won't be disappointed.

As a taster here's a sample of one of the tracks from Davy O List's new album which is a great vintage. :)
And, well you know what I sound like, but here's a video anyway. :) Please pass on this gig to anyone you think maybe interested. Maybe I'll see you there. :)


Sorry, I'm not free.
Already have a ticket for some gig somewhere in the depths of South Yorkshire.

I think it's in Maltby ;D
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Gutted I can't be there, hope it goes well.
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Nice to meet you Mr Mikey. :) Good to chat last night and thanks for your kind words as always. :) Sorry I didn't have the albums on sale you wanted. If and when they are ever made I'll let you know. Lol. Pedro thanks sir it was a blst. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.


Quote from: tigermoth on November 15, 2015, 01:28:08 PM
Nice to meet you Mr Mikey. :) Good to chat last night and thanks for your kind words as always. :) Sorry I didn't have the albums on sale you wanted.
Likewise. Disgraceful you didn't have "The revenge of the return of the son of cocoon strikes back part 2 again" on sale
Pity about the glitch, but it didn't throw you off, well played sir.
Funniest thing I've seen for a while was Davy O'List's bass player waving his business card around in front of you as if you could take it off him. He was desperate for you to have it but couldn't work out what to do. Sort of like Davy O'List at the end of every track.......err excuse me but we've finished, clap please.
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Courtesy of the trusty iCrap

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This time in four weeks I'll be on my way to Scottland to take part in Abel Ganz' special Prog Before Christmas gig. Tiger Moth Tales is providing support along with the amazing We Are Kin, ending with the big one ... Abel Ganz. This fab prog treble bill is at the CCA in Glasgow and the tickets are available from the CCA site:
Any Scottish Frosties out there? Do  come and cheer us on, and thanks in advance for anyone driving for many hours to get tto the gig. We appreciate it and I promise it'll be worth it.


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Just a quick reminder about this friday Frost*ie folk.  Date, This Friday. Place, the CCA in Glasgow. Bands, Tiger Moth Tales (well kind of a band) We Are Kin and Abel Ganz!! (Definitely both amazing bands( Time, not entirely sure, but more details are available if you visit Abel Ganz's site here: By a lucky coincidence, one can also purchase tickets there too for this ule prog wonderfullness. In case any one has missed the info disguised in this criptic Cipher, get yourselves to Glasgow this friday because it will be right good. :) Thanks and maybe see you there folks. :)


Pete, I'll have to offer my apologies as I've got a family commitment on Friday so won't be able to get up to Glasgow I'm afraid. I hope it goes really well and I promise I'll make every effort to see you when your next world tour visits Scotland!  8)
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Lol no probs mate. I'll just immagine you're there and dedicate a special performance of Story Tellers to you. :)


Hi folks. Wasn't sure where to post this but here's as gooderer place as any I guess. Just wanted to say a couple of things: Firstly how wonderful the Abel Ganz gig was and how great it was to bump in to a couple of you chaps up in Glasgow. Absolutely cracking night.
Secondly, A jolly proggy Christmas to all, and thanks so much for giving this moth a wonderful year. It seems like a long time ago now, but it was you chaps who gave me such encouragement and confidence last year with that Cocoon thing of mine, and this year has been such a great one with so many highlights and prog name dropping. :) And Mikey for I suspect I know what your comment will be, yes there will be some new music nexter year and hopefully in the not too distant future. I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring. 
Finally, my last plug for the year:
just a quick reminder that until the end of December the TMT albums Cocoon and Story Tellers have a 20 percent discount off when you download them here:
The discount codes for Cocoon and Story Tellers are xmastiger and xmasmoth respectively.
Also, don't forget I'll be donating proceeds from The Wasail Song EP and the Genesis covers album to the Guide Dogs charity, so if anybody is interested in those you can find them on the Bandcamp page too.
Ok, no more plugs until January I promise. :) Have a cool ule and here's to a cracking 2016. Mothster