Merry Xmoth!

Started by tigermoth, December 04, 2015, 05:41:39 PM

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Merry Xmoth. Evening Frosties. There's a little something festive by way of a new release from Tiger Moth Tales. Including a rather Frosty bonus, it's only available via download from here:   Can't say more just now as I'm rushing out to a gig, but hope you enjoy this ule offering. Many thanks.



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Sweet, it has moments where it sounds like Triangle meets Trumpton! Bonkers. Lovely...
More please...
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Great stuff.
Can the less proggy Christmas parody stuff still be found online??? I downloaded it last year, but with these legions of new devotees you might score a few -  as long as they're not to prudish ;) ;)
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Purchased!  8) While The Wassail Song has all the usual wonderful TMT trademarks, I'm surprised that no-one else has commented about the incredibly clever Genesis / Frost* mash-up of Snowbound Snowman.  They happened to be 2 special songs to me and the way that you've merged them is amazing, Pete.  Well done!  :)
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Morning folks. Thanks muchly for the great feedback. DS glad you like the Genesis frostyness. I had the idea earlier this year and just got around to it. Listening back now, and realised that somehow I got a couple of words wrong.  Ah well, tis done now. Lol.   
Re my explicit Xmas nonsense, I've been a bit cautious of posting it to the world at large as the TMT following has increased a bit since this time last year. I don't know how some folks would react. :)   But while I think what to do or not to do, if anybody on here wants it again or didn't get it last year, it's here:

I'll say what I said last year, some of it is the height of rudery, so you have been wrned. :)


Indeed, understand that some people may be expecting something more akin to your TMT output and get a rude awakening (literally)!!!

Still made me laugh again this year though  ;) ;)
One of the brave Defenders of the Realm - Lydney, October 2010
Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy