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Francis Dunnery Radio Show.
« on: February 02, 2016, 08:21:59 AM »
I am extremely happy to say that Francis Dunnery has joined the ranks of Progzilla Radio and is now doing a weekly show called ... Francis Dunnery Radio Show! As well as playing top class music from truely progressive artists, Francis treats us to his eloquence on various subjects, so as you might expect this leeds to much merth with a generous sprinkling of philosophy and great advice. Not to mention his musical insights. Very interesting and enjoyable to hear.
As a member of staff at Progzilla I was very keen to recommend the station to Francis when he mentioned the idea of doing a radio show and asked for my thoughts on Progzilla. We are thrilled that Francis has joined us and for many listeners it is bound to become required listening.
The show is on every Sunday from 6PM til 8PM UK time, so for US listeners that's a nice lunch time start of 1PM. Though ... being Francis, there is occasionally the odd ... outburst perhaps not suited for family listening. Lol
However, you can listen any time with the podcast. To download the podcast of the excellent first show which aired last sunday, head over to the wonderful Progzilla Radio:
Not that I want to be a spoiler, but I'll just say ... vampires.
Also, while your there at Progzilla, you may want to either tune in, or browse the excellent selection of podcast from our stable of presenters, including my own humble efforts.
There, my work is done. Many thanks to Francis for choosing Progzilla for this fantastic radio show. Go forth and listen.