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Whilst Drarok has a boatload of items hosted, there are a number of other bits & bob's, or Jem's, that are about.
I'll start a list, just keep editing this one through rather than continually replying.

Those in Red can be found HERE  (Work in progress, come back later........much later)

Milliontown (2006)
Experiments in Mass Appeal (2008)
Tour CD (2008)
Tour CD (2009)
The Philadelphia Experiment (2010)
The Rockfield Files (2013)
Milliontown (2013)

Frost* Reports  Some of these will be YouToob vids

This is getting confusing, I may have to add in Drarok's numbering

01 - Frost* Report Part 1 (2nd January 2008)
02 - Frost* Report Part 1 (Fantom X6)
03 - Frost* Report February Part 1
04 - Frost* Report February Part 2 Mad as a spoon
05 - Frost* Report March Part 1 Peacocks
06 - Frost* Report March Part 2
07 - April A - Slice a* (Bollocks, it won't open) Ha, found some back-ups 25th March
08 - April B - Road Movie Edition (Neither will this)
09 - April C- El enform de la Frost*
10 - April D - (Jem & John-Vocal recording)
11 - April E - Dadadadada special
12 - April F - Phantom X sold
13 - May Reporty 1
14 - June Uno
15 - June too Pro tools-Here is the news
16 - June number 3
17 - June 4 To rehearsals
18 - June 5 Although it's titled June 4
19 - June Issue 6 Tour CD's

Error, need to go on another treasure hunt
20 - Frost* Tour Report 1 - Reichenbach
21 - Frost* Tour Report 2 - Bielefeld
22 - Frost* Tour Report 3 - Zoetermeer
23 - Frost* Tour Report 4 - Cardiff
24 - Frost* Tour Report 5 - London
25 - Frost* Tour Report 6 - Manchester
26 - Frost* Tour Report 7 - Glasgow
27 - August Edition 16th August
29  - September B Mixing Toys
30  - September D Summers End (or not)
31  - September A Toys again
32  - October Secret Song
33  - Additional 1- What happened next, Part 1
34  - Additional 2 Tuesday 16th December
35  - Additional 3 Total Rock Radio
First Rehearsal (Godfrey/Edwards/Jowitt and eventually Mitchell)
Andy Edwards (13th February 2008 - No Toms)

April 72 hours
BLM - The Solo's Part 1
BLM - The Solo's Part 2
BLM - Sega Genesis Chiptune Cover
Craig Blundell Report
Flash Range (Mitchell/Jowitt/Edwards & Dudkin)
Frost* Report 6
Frost* Report 7
Frost* Report 8
Frost* Report Supplemental
DOTR Defence of the Realm
Frost* Unknown
January Geek Edition Fantom X6
June Geek Edition Multi-Sampling
Geek 2
Hyperventilate 2008 (Jem & Dec)
Hyperventilate Live
Jan Geek Report
April Geek Edition Fantom G7
June 2
June 6
June 12
June 13
Keyboard Talk 2-Evolution of BLM This is "BLM - The Solo's Part 2" above
Live in Leeds
March Part 1 (Tuesday 5th February)
March Part 2
March 3 (Skip Back Sampling)
May 1st
May 31st
The Satch Report-Part 1
The Satch Report-Part 2
Snowman 2008
The Frost* Report (Special CD report)
Frost in I wanna be a ProgStar
When JG met JR

(These may just be my file titles-I'll add details later)

Here is the news - ELO
Fanfare for the Common Man - ELP

Frost* Samples

The Dividing Line

       A bubble burst
       Dig Dig Dig
       Before your eyes
       Hidden strings
       Hidden strings2
       Backwards Section
More lovely strings

Afraid of Summer
BOTY Intro
BLM Loop
BLM JM Solo This is "BLM - The Solo's Part 2" above
BLM Keyboard solo
BLM - Gandalf Project
Broadband Tom
Chosen Few
Core (Milliontown snippet)
CMS - Stephen Ellam
CR-78 Survivors (Eponymous)
Dadadadadadadadadada (CR-78)
The Dividing Line (Gonzo Edit)
ElectroFrost* (Jim Davies)
Electric 2 Revised
Envy Cow (
Falling with the Devil
The Feeding
The First Chord (Celebr8 advert)
Frost* Xmas intro
Hero's ending cut section
Hero's ending test drive
HyperOrchestrate (Pedro)
Hyperventilate (Jem & Dec)
I miss you
I wish I were you
The Man with the 2.4 (several versions with different titles)
Milliontown Finale
Music in the typewriting room
Other me (Vox)
Other me (Orchectral Synth)
The Other me (Pedro)
The Other me (Beanland)
The Other me (Duelling Banjo's) (Pedro)
The Other me  (Serfox)
The Other me (JSD Mix)
The Other Me (Connaught mix)
The Other Me (Shoefly)
The Other Me (Bassmeister mix)
The Other Songsmith
The Other Me Short
Pour some sugar on the other me
Pedro's supersonic
Reversed Milliontown
Raining in my heart
Snowman Short
Snowman Vocals (3Boswell)
Survivors (Vox)
Toys (Serfox)
Walk Human
Wedding day
Welcome to the other nowhere
What little I saw of Cuba
Within Without
White Room
Waiting for the rain
Xmas intro

You Tube
BLM Live
BLM Solo
Black Night (Frost* & Pallas)

Progressive Interview 7/12/2008 or 12/7/2008 depending where you are :)
Worm Cathedral
DLBN Ten Revolutions-A chat with Jem Godfrey
Rogues Gallery 296
Twang (Pre Milliontown)



Freefall - "Thrown"

1. It's Not A Game
2. Mute
3. Hellstate
4. Summerhouse
5. Letting The Secret Go
6. Breaking The Back Of The City
7. Home From Home
8. Everything Cures
9. Where Are All Your Heroes Now
10. Goodbye Legion
11. Hidden Track

Play for Voices
When the heart beats faster


Lights Out

There's more  ;)

& I make no apology for any errors, duplication or confusion caused

OOOHHH. Should sticky this, mods

At some point I'll highlight what is on Drarok's site

Well done, Mikey!  ;D

Don't say I've ruined my reputation for being completely useless 🙄

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