Fond thanks Frost*ies.

Started by tigermoth, July 05, 2016, 10:25:17 AM

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Just wanted to post a thank you as I feel like I have some good friends here many of whom helped me on what has been a wonderful journey. This mushy outpouring is brought on by the fact that it's just over a year ago since I played my first TMT gigs as support for Magenta at the Borderline and the Robin2. It was also a year since I let Story Tellers loose on an unsuspecting world. :) I have DS to thank for bringing my attention to the RPM challenge and for giving me the inspiration to go through with it.
But I have many of you to thank for your encouragement and support regarding Cocoon, during what for me was a time of some significant doubt and uncertainty. It was down to your opinions which I was sure were honest as you had no obligation to sugar the pill so to speak, that I had the courage and frankly the audacity to release a prog album in the first place.
So thanks a lot folks, it meant a lot and will always mean a lot.
Also, it has been great to bump in to Frosties at various gigs, and especially flattering when you turnup to see the Mothster do his thing.
So to help express my gratitude, and also as a little tribute to our favourite Frosty band, here's a video from that Robin2 gig on the 28th of June last year.
Thanks again. You are all good guys! :)


The pleasure is all ours, and in no small way down to the fact that like Frost* and most of us on here, you don't take yourself too seriously.
I didn't manage to catch you at the Robin a couple of weeks back but did manage a hello/congratu-welldone after the Magenta support.

Now stop messing about and get on with some more music (please)  ;) ;) ;)
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Come on, you\'re a lion!


And I missed out the crucial part of my missive, one of the other main reasons you get such great support from us is that fact that what you do musically is bloody good.

One of the brave Defenders of the Realm - Lydney, October 2010
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Indeed, no sugaring of the pill was necessary. I was not blowing smoke when I heaped praise upon you upon hearing the demos you shared with us early on - what would later become the Cocoon album. Your playing is wonderful and your voice is one of the finest I've heard, especially when coupled with the style of music we all share a great fondness for in this forum. And think of who you've shared the stage with since - Camel, Francis Dunnery, John Mitchell, Robert Plant, Gary Marsh...  :)

And then there are all the high profile support gigs, and being among the contributors of the Spectral Mornings EP with such prog royalty as Nick Beggs, Tina Booth, David Longdon, Nick D'Virgilio, some guy named Steve Hackett...

These things didn't happen by accident. Your immense talent in undeniable, Pete. Had you arrived a few years sooner, Genesis may well have snatched you up and been better for it. There are some absolute gems on Cocoon, as well as Story Tellers, and I have no doubt we've yet to hear the best you have to offer.

I would love for TMT with full band to appear at next year's Rosfest. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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I think we'd ALL like to see some full band shows at some point!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

And of course, I still haven't given up hope of the TMT/Frost* bill touring as well - and what about a guest appearance on a Frost* song whilst we're at it!!!!

(as before, send my 10% in used notes to the usual address  ;) ;) ;) ;))
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Wordingtons to all those posts  8) 8) 8) 8)
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You won't have to wait too long. TMT with full band is playing Summers End. :)
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Thanks A.J., very kind words.
Re band gigs, they are a coming. At last they are a coming. But you won't have to wait till Summers End. I've posted this on the TMT thread, but here it is anyway. :)

Special announcement! Red Bazar and Tiger Moth Tales have been rehearsing for a double header on Wednesday 14 September at The Maze in Nottingham.
Tickets £5 on the door or £4 in advance from
We're very excited about this gig as it's the first time Red Bazr have played the new album, and the first time Tiger Moth Tales has gone out with a full band! From the TMT point of view, I'm looking at it by way of a warm up for Summers End, but if you don't mind being our guinaepigs, I can promise you a fantastic evening.
In the passed I would have posted a spoiler to show you how fab the bands are sounding, but I'm going to make you wait for the night, as I'm confident you won't be disappointed.
I'm especially hoping that the TMT and RB enthusiasts in the Nottingham and surrounding areas will try their best to come along, because this is the first time we've all played so close to home and I think it's going to be special. Also, it's a chance for those who couldn't make Summers End and the tickets are a steal!
Please click the link abuv for tickets, also for those on facebook there's an events page here:
Put the date in your diaries, and please spread the word to the Nottingham prog massive. Many thanks and see you there.