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Some footage from Wath

Started by Fogeyspasm, June 29, 2016, 01:28:37 AM

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Camera had trouble coping with the volume but you get the gist. John's guitar/amp was playing up in Numbers.       Numbers     Other Me    Raging Against The Dying......        Last day        Heartstrings          Blacklight Machine
Tally Ho Chaps
Bandits 11 O\'Clock High
Throttle to boost, im going in!


Thanks Fogey. Saved for later, but first glimpse looked good


Incredible!!! Thank you so much for posting!

And for standing there with that camera held high! Us Americans (who as of right now will miss basically this whole tour) greatly appreciate the footage.
I've seen paupers as kings,
puppets on strings
dance for the children who stare
you must have seen them everywhere


I have to give a big round of applause to the band's sound man Dave Pickering. Every night the sound was spot on which helps enormously when stuff get so n t'interweb.
Well done Fogey for filming so much. I bet your arm aches now  ;-D :o
It's in the post!