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Started by EVP, December 14, 2008, 05:14:04 PM

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Recording Delay offset. Anyone experience this? It's a setting found in the Audio prefs.
I was poking around in the Logic forums and stumbled upon this thread. ... cord+delay

If any fellow Logic users out there who aren't aware of what this setting does should
read this discussion. I was shocked to see Logic was placing newly recording audio
files about 56 samples early before previously recorded audio files. I kind of
just went along recording stuff and always felt something was quite right but couldn't
pin it down. Then I read this topic and performed a simple loopback test and determined
things are out of wack.

I HIGHLY recommend every Logic user do this test. You might be surprised at what you find.
Most cases,depending on the 3rd party audio drivers, your audio is usually placed AFTER
your other files. In some cases,such as mine, your audio will end up EARLY.  I'm going to
go to the Logic feedback page and fill out the form and beg Logic engineers to fix this issue.
Cubase/Nuendo users never have to worry about this as their apps actually test your
hardware/drivers and properly calculate the recording delay offsets.

anyhoo,dunno if any of you ran into this,but I'd thought I'd give a heads up.