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Started by JimD, July 12, 2016, 12:44:49 PM

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I realise there are more specialist forums out there for telly stuff but I'm not signed up to many and would like to avoid the whole getting-to-know-you thing of joining a new forum/board etc.

Basically I am contemplating getting a new television and wondered if anyone had any advice they can share. I have quite a specific set of requirements...

1. I've never owned a flat-screen/plasma/LCD tv before. I'm still a CRT enthusiast
2. This has largely been a financial choice (I last bought my main LG Netee second hand 12 years ago), but also an aesthetic one; I love the way the Netee looks, and...
3. I have LOADS of VHS tapes which I still like watching, and they look just great on my CRT (Marillion Sight-and-Sound in concert from Chippenham Golddiggers anyone?). Many DVDs too. I have been to people's houses who have flat screen TVs and have been dismayed at how bad DVDs can look!
4. However, ye olde CRT is on its last legs
5. I've now moved to a small house where the best use of space would be to have a wall-mounted flat screen telly, though I still have space for a few boxes (e.g. players/machines)
6. I have only recently begun to investigate streaming/on-demand services and they are hard to get going on the CRT (I have a little Android box which does good things but the menus are so hard to read)
7. I'm not a gamer and have no plans to be (seemingly the main reason for my friends all shelling out for massive tellies)
8. Previous attempts at converting VHS to other formats always end up going nowhere (either time or quality or disc space or something else runs out and I just watch the tape instead!)

So, I was wondering if in the biscuit land of the Frost*ie forum if there is anyone like me who has investigated the merging of analogue (VHS) via DVD and into the land of LCD and 4K and knows what I might think about doing? In particular if anyone has already got a brand of TV that they really like and why they really like it (even if they aren't VHS inclined). I have had a look at other forums for example and have seen people saying "Oh <insert-brand> TVs lack a <particular thing> which means <old retro format> will always look bad on them".

Any thoughts out there?

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