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Rock of Ages

Started by MikeEvs, September 12, 2016, 10:22:47 PM

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So last week I was asked to go along to the Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli to take some photos of a New Directions Theatrical Society production of Rock of Ages.

The show opened with a blistering version of the guitar intro to David Lee Roth's Just Like Paradise.

The guitar player in the show is probably familiar to quite a few of you as it was Paul Davies formerly of Karnataka and Panic Room:

Rock_Of_Ages-1_IMG_8895 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Rock_Of_Ages-3_IMG_8916 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Playing the male lead of Drew Boley (left in photo below) was Michael Aubin, pictured with him is the character Lonny Barnett played by Ian Roach:
Rock_Of_Ages-21_IMG_9013 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Playing the female lead of Sherrie was Stacey Harris:
Rock_Of_Ages-102_IMG_9313 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

The character of Dennis Dupree was played by Russell Rees:
Rock_Of_Ages-220_IMG_9691 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Stacee Jaxx was played by Duncan Stuart:
Rock_Of_Ages-139_IMG_9420 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Regina Koontz was played by Bethan Williams:
Rock_Of_Ages-71_IMG_9201 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

The show was directed by Rebecca Wilson who was also the lead choreographer and was part of the ensemble cast:
Rock_Of_Ages-14_IMG_8979 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

You can view the full album of 244 photos on Flickr here

My photos were taken during the last full rehearsal and I had to leave before the end, I went back the following night to watch the show in full on their opening night on Thursday.


I suspect that I shouldn't but I do like this show: I even liked the film. Great photos as always Mike


Thanks Owen, I haven't seen the film and hadn't seen the show before so didn't know what to expect.

I didn't think I would but I really enjoyed it and the cast and crew did a great job putting on the show :)


Greta pics as always Mike! Interesting to see Paul... a most excellent guitarist... but I suspect Mr Foster will do just fine too!


Yes Paul is a great and Dave can play a bit too:

IMG_7634 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Funny thing is I see Paul more now , almost daily, than I did when he was in Panic Room, hence why I was asked to go and take photos  ;D


Can't see the pics of Greta  ;)

Great photos as usual
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Thanks Mikey  :)

Who's Greta?  :o


Quote from: MordwinGreta pics as always
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