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Started by SerFox, November 07, 2008, 06:09:27 PM

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Window clings are such a rarity in this day and age it seems we are all obsessed with the idea of owning one. Gone are the days are going to your local radio station and supporting them by takiung one of their free window clings and sticking one to your back window of your car, proudly sporting the name and frequency of your preferred FM station.

However, I'm digressing here, I must address this point. Those of us who supportivly, almost religeously went forth and pre ordered EIMA from the CRS rokshop without knowledge that soon a new website was to be born with promises of CDs direct from the band and commemorative holy grails of window clings, feel slightly left out, as we had the best of intentions following the bands directions like sheep to fresh grass to the CRS website with gleaming eyes and pocket money in hand to pre-purchase our- okay I'm stopping now.

In short: pretty please?


haha I would have to agree.. I ordered my signed EIMA from the Rokshopp.. are they still gonna get dispatched at the same time? I'll die if people hear this before me haha


Quote from: "eponymous"All orders through CRS or the new shop are handled by TLD.  Let me say that again.  ALL orders through CRS or the new shop are handled by TLD.  The strong implication given is that these orders are effectively equal, the new shop just cuts out the CRS middleman.  It has been previously stated that TLD will ship orders to arrive as near as possible to the actual release date no matter where you are in the world.  Assuming you order early enough, of course.  It has also been stated that clings will be included in both types of orders until they run out.

End of PSA

Methinks you might just have wasted your time :twisted:
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Thanks for the clarification. I require one more nugget of information from you. And this is going to seem very ignorant of me but I assure you it's not my fault as I do not know the back story of frost no matter how much of View from the cube I read.



Quote from: "SerFox"TLD?

The Lovely Deb! :)
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Quote from: "eponymous"Probably best to refer you to this post on the old forum.
TLD isn't listed yet so PM JJJ, he'll pass on the info

That's J Jonah Jameson
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Quote from: "SerFox"Who PM JJJ for what?
Anyone with any order/mailing queries
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J Jonah Jameson

Hello all,

The CRS Rok Shop was a transitional arrangement to allow us to sell merchandise on line until we had our lovely new site sorted out.  Basivally, they had access to a means of taking card payments and we did not.  Obviously we had to pay them a fee for their trouble, as well as the card costs, but it meant we could get stuff to people who wanted it and hopefully get a few people from the CRS into Frost* and vice versa.

Other than that, they simply passed on the details of the orders to us.  Or not, as the case might be, which has caused some problems which we are trying to rectify, but the sending out of orders is done by The Lovely Deb in either case.  So free window clings go with every order wherever they come from, until we run out.

She'll no doubt be joining us shortly, but until then, please feel free to mail me.  We've tried to pass on savings where we can, and improve the service to you.

Public service announcement over!



Quote from: "weezul"I'll die if people hear this before me haha

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Quote from: "weezul"I'll die if people hear this before me haha

R.I.P. weezul
hahahah :lol:
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