Red Bazar / Dec Burke / Tiger Moth Tales gigging Feb 2017!

Started by sawtooth, October 06, 2016, 05:06:45 PM

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Well what a turn up.

After being a huge fan of Frost* since hearing the very first teaser of Black Light Machine before Milliontown was even released, who would have thought I would be playing on the same bill as one of the guys I used to stand in awe of when he was on the stage as a big part of EIMA era Frost* ? And with three stunning solo albums under his sleeve, I could be talking of none other than Sir Declan of Burkeshire!

Yes indeed, on the 26th Feb 2017, Red Bazar, Dec and Tiger Moth Tales will be playing at the Boston Music Rooms in that there Laaaaaaaandon!
All organised by that cheeky rapscallion Jon Twang Patrick.

Full details at


Ooo err - that's a cracking gig there!  Many congrats all round.  LONG way for me to go but might just look into the possibility...  8)
Come on, you\'re a lion!


:) You beat me to it. Indeed it's rather exciting and as you say to be sharing the bill with Dec is rather marvelous. :)
Here's a link which might be useful. :)

Can't wait for this one. :)


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