Feeder live at Tramshed Cardiff

Started by MikeEvs, October 22, 2016, 12:21:58 PM

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Wednesday night I was back at the Tramshed in Cardiff to photograph Welsh rock band Feeder:

IMG_1041 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_5530 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_5572 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_5701 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_5747 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_5676 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Full set on Flickr or on Facebook


I remember seeing feeder at Leeds Festival one year. Must have been 2002. They'd had a tough year as that was the year their drummer Jon Lee sadly committed suicide. I think it was one of their first gigs after keeping a low profile for quite a while, if not the first.

I liked Feeder at the time, but I wasn't massively excited about seeing them. You see a lot of bands in a short period over the space of 2 days at Leeds or Reading, so the novelty wears off a bit. I was expecting it to be alright, but nothing special.

Anyway it was a tent affair, not the main stage, and it was rammed. Overflowing even. And the band were awesome. One of the highlights of that weekend and it will always stick in my mind as one of the best gigs I've experienced. Worth missing whatever band was on the main stage at the time for sure.

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Being Welsh and playing in Cardiff this gig was sold out and it's the most full I've seen the Tramshed.

It was also a little cosy in the pit with 5 photographers and 1 guy shooting video.

Luckily I've got to know the pit boss quite well and he now classes me as one of the regulars so he let me and his other regular into the pit first  8)




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