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Started by tigermoth, October 30, 2016, 07:07:41 PM

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It's been a long while since there was a new Tiger Moth Tales vid posted on Youtube, so here's a little something live from Summers End.
Many thanks to my friend Cliff Pearson from Progzilla for the audio, our very own Pedro for the visuals and to Chris Jones for putting it all together. And of course thanks to Gary, Mick, Andy and Paul (the boys in the band), and finally thanks to the wonnderful folks at Summers End for such a great reception. Enjoy folks.




Well that exercised the goosbumps! Bloody brilliant!  :)
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T'was a fab gig was that - fabulous atmosphere and great audience reaction! :-)
Gigs coming up for Red Bazar (with Pete on vocals) at Danfest 6 at the Musician, Leicester on Fri 2nd December and Masquerade (with - amongst others - The Gift and Frank Carducci) at The Bedford,  London, Sunday 11th December!