Lordi live in Bristol

Started by MikeEvs, November 20, 2016, 01:11:10 PM

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So last night I made a quick trip to Bristol to photograph Lordi, sadly I could only stay for two songs as I had to catch the last train home at 10:55pm and Lordi didn't come on stage till 10:20pm:

Mr Lordi invites you in:
22-IMG_9965 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Guitar player Amen:
3-IMG_9844 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

OX on bass:
18-IMG_9929 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Hella on keys:
16-IMG_9911 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Bristol bierkeller has the worlds smallest pit and with 6 of us in there you can't move around, ordinarily when this happens I leave the pit from one side walk around the back of the crowd and re-enter the bit from the other side but as I was tight on time I didn't get a chance to do this:

38-IMG_3648 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

More photos onfacebook or flickr




wild stuff. Great shots, Mike!

more crazy costumes...  ;D



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