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Started by owen, December 11, 2016, 07:00:06 PM

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Uncle Rick's rig for his ARW tour. None of this MAC to have my samples and mainstage to coordinate stuff. But then I'd feel ripped off if he wasn't surrounded by as many things as possible. I doubt Jem would fancy that lot on stage though


he's got people to lug and set up for him.  Much easier to just move to another board when he wants a different sound, rather than having to remember which button to push when.

Actually, I bet Jem would love to play those at every gig, if he didn't have to carry and set them up. ;D


Setting aside the obvious Mini Moog, digital Mellotron and organ differences to Jem's set up, there are a surprising amount of old and current Frost* synths being used there. Roland Fantom X7, Roland V synth and Korg Kronos.   8)

I'm really looking forward to seeing ARW next year. I've seen various Yes line-ups live over the years but have never seen Trevor Rabin live yet. As I'm actually (whisper it in case TA is listening :o) a bigger fan of him than Steve Howe, that should be a real treat.
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Apparently I'm getting a ticket for Christmas.
Don't know where or when.

I was told "the original line up..."

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Well, it's the original ARW line up. I'm going to see them in Manchester


Follow by  text saying "John Anderson, Rick Wakeman and one other"

My brother is younger than me  :) :)
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