Steve Hackett at Colston Hall

Started by MikeEvs, May 05, 2017, 07:03:16 PM

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Last night I photographed Steve Hackett at Colston Hall:

IMG_1554 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_1745 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_1669 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

IMG_6714 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Had permission to shoot the whole show, although nobody told the colston hall staff that who told me it was 3 songs only, I had a chat with the security guys though, asked them where I could from (no pit) and assured them I wouldn't get in anybody's way.  Luckily there was only me and one other photographer there (who only shot the first 3 songs) so they were pretty relaxed and let me carry on shooting.  I take the mick though and just shot 4 songs of the first set and a couple of the 2nd set.

You can see more photos either on FACEBOOK or FLICKR


Great photos as always, Mike. Going to see him on Sunday



some keepers there, Mike!  ;)

awesome as always!


Thanks Rog, shooting Snarky Puppy tonight in Cardiff.  Just saw Brom, going to meet for a drink before the gig


Awesome on both counts!  Enjoy!


Ditto, ditto, ditto & not forgetting ditto  :)
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Guess who is hitting the skins for Mr H on his next tour? Hint: Frost* might be a little inconvenienced if they tour! Get in  Craig


Saw that news earlier, well done Craig


I just got in from seeing one of mr Wilson's previous drummers in action and saw this...

Well deserved :)