King's X at Bristol Bierkeller

Started by MikeEvs, June 14, 2017, 09:32:57 PM

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Monday night I photographed King's X at Bristol Bierkeller for

IMG_7123 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Doug Pinnick:
IMG_2281 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Ty Tabor:
IMG_2300 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Jerry Gaskill:
IMG_2222 by Mike Evans, on Flickr

Full album on Flickr or Facebook


Damn! Look at that bassist's hands! Mutant alert :o :o (actually left handed which makes him a cool mutant :P)

Great pics as always Mike


I was thinking much the same...

But yes, gret pics, not that we expect anything less!



I didn't realise they were still going / touring in the UK!  The drummer, Jerry, had a heart attack a few years back and they were out of action for a long time.  I'm a big fan actually - I saw them in Glasgow back in 1999 on the Tape Head tour and (foolishly) stood down at the front, just in front of Doug, the mutant bassist, and his rig.  :o  Couldn't hear in one ear all the next day!

Thanks for sharing the photos Mike.  8)
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