Frost* at Dingwalls 24th November 2017

Started by Nellie, June 30, 2017, 04:47:00 PM

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Well I'm now fully ticketed!

But why are evening London outbound trains so rubbish? Any train back to Nottingham after about 10.30 doesn't get to the destination until 8 in the morning. What the hell happens in those missing hours I wonder??

So I'm left with either a long drive down/park up/long drive back late at night scenario, or having to find Travelodgery. Grrrr!

Still -  the evening will be more than worth it :-)


Any plans for meeting up pre-gig ?
I guess many people will be travelling down after work etc, but anyone know of any useful meeting points in the area - possibly even ones serving alcoholic beverages ?
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I hate to rub it in but it was really good. All of Falling Satellites, Hyperventilate, The Dividing Line and a lengthy Other Me (with incredible Blunders drum solo) to finish.  The crowd wanted more but sadly there wasn't any.  First ever Frost gig I've been to with no BLM. :o
Hopefully this time they'll have plenty good footage and a decent sound recording to make a live DVD.
And Nellie even had a Black Friday sale - all the new t-shirts only £5!! I saw some people buying 5 or 6...
Good to say hi to a number of Frosties.
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Great night, lovely to talk to those I talked to, to those I didn't, you're quite right I'm an anti social barsteward. Seriousy, would had stayed and chatted but was totally nackered and needed to get home to bed!


One of the best Intimate gigs i've ever been too.

The Band were so great and humble with their fans - Signing merchandise and chatting to fans after the show - even saw 'The Mitch' indulging in some much deserved wine with fans too!

Couldn't believe Nellie had a Black Friday sale at the Merch desk!

Slightly confused as to why they didn't play British Wintertime..? As it was previously stated the Band would be playing the WHOLE of Falling Satellites... Oh well, we got the Dividing Line!

Bring on the new EP next year!


Quote from: BlindFate on November 25, 2017, 01:17:05 PM
Slightly confused as to why they didn't play British Wintertime..? As it was previously stated the Band would be playing the WHOLE of Falling Satellites...
I wondered about that too but I think Lantern and British Wintertime were actually bonus tracks on the limited edition version so technically they played the whole of the standard album...
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Indeed. Lantern and BWT are considered to be bonus tracks and starting and ending the "main" part of the show with Jem on his own was really nice.

It was a great show and a great audience reaction (if you ignore the shocking lack of respect for Romain's set by the yammering idiots).
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The lack of respect thing seems to me to be a London thing. Across a number of genres, sadly.
Other than that, awesome show!
So much organised bass kicking about at the start I am surprised that the band didn't set up a standing wave in Regent's Canal...
I loved every moment. We were at the back for a change. Everyone was on a roll. Fabulous finale. Thanks to everyone  for everything. Next up, wait....
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