Guitarist Needed!

Started by BlindFate, August 11, 2016, 06:45:19 PM

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In need of a Frost-bitten Guitarist to record some, well...guitar tracks for some Frost/Rush/Porcupine Tree esq songs I'm currently working on. Open to all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas. Guitarist would have free rain on pretty all of the tracks - go wild!
Any help would be much appreciated.

Check out my soundcloud for a few examples of some of my previous recordings.

Email me over at if interested.


Can I have a link to your Soundcloud? I might be up for it :D


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Wow...its nearly been a year...

The link to my soundcloud should be at the bottom of this post..


Hey man, it sounds super cool, but I'm doing some stuff with Flying Machine at the moment and I'm not gonna have time to commit to getting anything proper done. I'm sorry dude! Make sure you post stuff that you get done though, It'd be great to hear it all :)