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Debut album from Hardwired


Big Black Shed:
Evenin' All!

It is with the upmost pleasure that I present for your listening pleasure the debut album by some very fine friends of mine, Hardwired.

Vocals are by our very own Gig BuddyTM of these here parts. There is more on the way in the very near future.

Thanks for listening.

That's sounding rather splifdenderous  8)

Oh yes, liking that very much :)

Big Black Shed:
Thanks for the kind words, chaps.

Reception in other parts has been favourable too. So the guys are on cloud nine at the minute.

The work in progress has taken a bit of a stall in recent months, but there are two eps on the cards. Both follow a concept, the first a heavier sounding collection with ritual sacrifice as its theme! The second is a proggy, mushroom fueled tale about toast, hares, and marmalade.



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