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Green Carnation

Started by BeyondThePale, November 24, 2008, 01:09:40 AM

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Anyone here ever hear of them? They're a progressive rock/metal band from Norway that sadly dissolved last year, but not after leaving us with quite a few brilliant albums to remember them by.

One of them, "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" is a whopping hour and 6 seconds of solid music  :shock: I remember hearing it a long long time ago, back in 04 when I was still 13 years old. One of the best songs ever written. And their most recent album, and IMO their magnum opus, "The Acoustic Verses" is a fantastic melancholy, but beautiful piece of work. I highly suggest you guys all give them a listen.


listening now.

they have several albums on eMusic Green Carnation


I like the two albums you metioned....wasn't a fan of the other two....Have meant to check out the live dvd for a while...on the long list of things to purchase


They have 5 albums actually.

Journey To The End Of The Night
Light of Day, Day of Darkness
A Blessing in Disguise
The Quiet Offspring
The Acoustic Verses

Journey To The End of the Night is totally different from the rest of their stuff, MUCH darker, and heavier. Their demo stuff actually has them playing Death Metal, so to see them go from that to what they did is an amazing transformation.

Their vocalist is one of my favorites of all time too, his voice is so...powerful. Not like, belting out notes powerful, but emotionally powerful.


Just seen them, A Night Under The Dam is a great live DVD as well.


See their name every time long songs are discussed but never listened....guess i'd better.


Quote from: "johninblack"See their name every time long songs are discussed but never listened....guess i'd better.

So I checked out emusic and had a listen to the 30 second clips. Have to say 30 second clips can be awfull and give a really bad impression, but these... I'm deffiaitly going to check them out further, so much variation in styles, sounds just like my cup of tea :D