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Started by Rook, September 21, 2018, 07:27:18 AM

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Haven't been by here for a bit. Life and all that. G'day folks.

Aussie prog gets Southern Empire have been getting a bit of good press with their latest album Civilisation, so I got it and gave it a spin. If you are here on the Frost* board there is pretty good chance this will be your biscuit and cup of tea. :) check 'em out.


you mean you finally got parole? Good on yer, Bruce, er Rook

I used to like Unitopia, so ok, worth a listen


I think they are playing the CRS with Damanek later this year
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Quote from: Mikey on September 22, 2018, 10:14:58 AM
I think they are playing the CRS with Damanek later this year

Damanek and Southern Empire will be joined by Special guests Seven Steps to the Green Door for the European leg of the tour.

The following shows have been confirmed with more dates to follow:

Southern Empire

17/11/18 – HRH PROG Festival, Pwllheli, North Wales.

Southern Empire, Damanek and Seven Steps to the Green Door

21/11/18 – Bergkeller, Reichenbach, Germany.

22/11/18 – Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium.

24/11/18 – De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Southern Empire and Damanek

28/11/18 – Talking Heads, Southampton, U.K.

29/11/18 – The Robin 2, Bilston, U.K.

30/11/18 – Boston Music Room, Tufnell Park, London, U.K.

01/12/18 – Classic Rock Society (CRS), Maltby, U.K.

Please note: As joint headliners on the tour, Southern Empire and Damanek will be alternating and mixing up the final slot of each night to allow both bands a chance to play slightly extended sets...however we are not telling who / when!
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I know this is ridiculously late posting here, but Civilisation was my favourite album from last year. All four tracks are incredible!