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Unity Gain

Started by DLBN Shawn, December 21, 2008, 09:47:32 PM

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DLBN Shawn

Hey folks,

My first post to the new board!  I've been skimming around this section and I have to say I'm very happy to hear such high quality production!!  I field artist submissions for The Dividing Line Broadcast Network and I can tell you that pretty much everything on this board has  superior production to 80% of the music we are sent.  All this is really a pleasure to listen to - thanks to those for contributing!

Here is something I'll throw into the pot:

Unity Gain - Dodo
This is my take on the Genesis track Dodo from the Abacab album - one of my favs.  I created this track early this year.  Apologies for my vocals in the mid sections - sadly I had no choice in the matter!

Unity Gain - Mercy Street
Originally from Peter Gabriel's SO album - if you're a PG fan you may be able to spot 7 other PG bits as well as one G bit.  This track I did last year.

Cheers and hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday season!



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DLBN Shawn

Yo dude!  Good to see ya on here!


Welcome, Shawn.  Nice work, there.  Those tracks are two of my favorite songs.  Interesting take on them.
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welcome, Shawn!  downloading now!


Hi Shawn

I think it sounds great, including vox in the mid-section. Nice and strong production and great sounding keyboards. I haven´t listened much to ABACAB so I can´t really compare with the original. I think that is not necessary though.

I know for I told me so!

DLBN Shawn

Thanks for the compliments - glad you liked it!