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D S:
Aw, it will be a huge shame to see Blunders go. What a fantastic talent he is and what a great contribution he's made to the band  but I totally understand the issue for all concerned and had wondered when / if this might happen.  As he's now playing with the 2 Steves (Wilson & Hackett), there are simply not enough hours in the day.
Thank you Blunders and all the best for the future.
And now the inevitable question - who's next?

If he, or she, is half as good he’ll be a monster

Or she, obviously

I think it has been a privilege to watch this development journey in real time -  live, recorded and in commentary.
Towerblock live at Dingwalls was awesome, but so was talking with Craig at a drum clinic with my kids and mates in Cambridge. And I skipped the last night of the Cambridge Folk Festival to drag everyone to Frost at The Portland Arms, the hottest gig in creation, just to watch Craig and have Frost play round ours... All things change, glad to be part of that journey - and love and luck to all...
Saw the SW HCE warm-up gig at Cambridge, everything changes. That's prog. Been that way since the 70's...
What goes around comes around. Thank you for the music.
What's next then?


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