B-Sides Compilation?

Started by GMKennelty, August 27, 2015, 04:11:18 PM

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The Little I Saw of Cuba...I don't recognise that. I've found it on Drarok's site, along with The Feeding, which I used to have but have somehow lost.

I'm sure I used to have Gooseflirt and Thunderfrog, but they've gone AWOL too, and if Drarok has those, I can't see them. Can anyone help?

Edit: iTunes tells me The Feeding is actually Envy Cow.
Also to be found running the website and merch sales at www.lifesignsmusic.co.uk


Thanks, TA.  I didn't have the whole list handy, so I picked my favorite to start!

and I, too, will need to see if I have them all in one place...