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Kyros - Celexa Dreams


Check these guys out:

Imagine if Frost* melded with Dua Lipa, Haken, The 1975 and IQ.

Absolutely brilliant album! I was lucky enough to see them live in Manchester with Spocks Beard a couple of years ago!n ;D

Guys! You are in luck today!

This Friday is our Isolation Gig Covers Show, and we will be joined by Ray Hearne of Haken, John Mitchell of Frost, Arena, Kino etc and Andy Robison of Ihlo.

We will be performing songs by Haken, Frost, Genesis, Imogen Heap and Rush, it's not one to miss! We've put our own spin on all of these songs, so be sure to watch to see how we've 'Kyrosised' them. check this on that time and you can see it live!


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