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13 Winters

Started by D S, September 18, 2020, 10:51:59 AM

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Bit late to the party but 6 of this is still going  ;D


Email today

Thanks for registering to receive the 13 Winters Replacement Disc. The closing date for applications was 5th February and we are now in the process of organising printing and distribution of the discs to the people who registered.

This is confirmation that you are on the list and we hope the disc will be with you in the next few weeks.

Due to the number of people who applied, we are unable to respond to individual messages regarding this mailout, but we will keep you updated via email.

We appreciate your patience, we're going as quick as we can!

With thanks.

The Frost* Team




and mine's in the post  ;D ;D


mine, too!!  woohoo!!

Trapezium Artist

Just as a heads up, I received my replacement disk last week. I was initially a bit worried about someone(Jem, me?)  having to pay huge customs fees as it made its way from the UK to NL, but nope. Still feel rather guilty about this whole thing, but perhaps I'll just have to buy ten copies of Day And Age as partial recompense  :o



I'd not received any emails... but my copy did turn up today. Maybe I'll follow TA's lead and buy an extra copy of the new album, can always use it as a present for one of my tighter friends :D