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I've just released my debut single!


Hi Frosties,
I've been on here a while hiding in the background, but today I'm going to be brave...because I launched my debut single today! It's not prog, but the Frost influence is strong.

Wanted to share it with people with good taste  8)

Let me know what you think!

D S:
Very nicely done sir!  8) As you say, not prog but nothing wrong with that and I’m sure most Frost*ies will get something out of it. I liked the nod to the sort of Jem chords in the intro - a bit Lights Out. I hope it does very well for you. :)
Oh and welcome! Favourite biscuit? ;D

Great stuff, Marshall!!  Looking forward to hearing more!

And yes, welcome!  ;D

Thanks for your kind words guys! Had some really great feedback and in all a pretty successful first trip out. I'll let you know when there's more!

...Oh and my favourite biscuit is the humble party ring. Read into that what you will!



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