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Day and Age

Started by L33VEY, March 02, 2021, 11:09:49 AM

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Quote from: lyn on March 21, 2021, 10:47:42 PM
Quote from: owen on March 20, 2021, 08:06:31 PM
I thought about that too. Then I remembered I don’t have a record player

And your problem is?

I have got to the point now where my super- smug car cd player has eaten my frost cd, and has locked me out of my own world, because I don't know it's stupid unlock number, but I don't care because I can hear it in my head anyway... So I win (ish..)!

And trying to make it see reason is  pointless...
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Needless to say, am very much looking forward to this. Not least because I may (cough) have played the tiniest of roles in helping connect John and Jem with a certain Death Eater friend of mine who is reputed to appear on the album  ;)

As for "Terrestrial", Frost*tastic indeed, with some of the guitars and keyboard textures a throwback to EIMA in the best possible way. Marvellous.

That said, is it just me, but does the YouTube version sound a lot more centred, compressed, and "denser" than the Spotify one? I'm not very good at A-B listening, but the Spotify version sounds a lot airier and open to me. Both are in stereo and both compressed by definition, but the Spotify version is my choice for now.

Can't wait to hear the CD version. I wonder if there's any chance of Day And Age being released in hi-res audio too though :-)


Burning Shed gold vinyl now with signed postcard ..   ;D
Which pushed me off the fence  ;)
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Quote from: DavSel on March 02, 2021, 12:44:03 PM
May is going to be a very..... frosty month.... I'll see myself out.....

But no really May is going to be amazing!!!

Don't you mean aMAYzing............?



This space for sale.


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Really interested that the review speaks of influences from The Police and I'm reminded that John & Jem were talking about The Police a bit in the podcasts recorded during their writing sessions.

Also curious as to why those podcasts disappeared...
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DavSel interview with John and Jem I stumbled on this afternoon! Don't know if anyone else has seen it?  :o



There was no fanfare, but an edited 5 minutes of Day and Age is now available to stream   ;D
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Loving the new songs. Missing hearing Jem's dulcet tones though, I hope we hear a little bit more of him on the whole record!
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Fantastic!  and what a crazy video!