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Fantasy setlists

Started by DavSel, May 17, 2021, 01:38:08 PM

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Hello all!

So the new album has been out for 3 days! It got me thinking with the hope Frost* may do some live shows in the future all being well! I wondered what the set list could look like now their catalogue has expanded significantly with both Others and Day and Age. What would you like a set list to look like?

Thought it'd be a bit of fun!  ;D No speculations.


Definitely needs to include Day And Age without the fade and so another 5 minutes longer.
I reckon there is a longer version on Jem's hard drive...
Currently playing in The Frost*mobile:  Frost* Day and Age


My thoughts:
Day and Age
Exhibit A
Falling Down
Island Life
The Boy that Stood Still / Black Light Machine
Kill the Orchestra
Repeat to Fade
The Other Me