Ticket problems for the Rescheduled shows

Started by Mossive Attack, July 08, 2022, 12:22:19 PM

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Mossive Attack

Afternoon all, it's been a while..

I wondered if anyone else had had difficulties with getting refunds from See Tickets?

I had tickets for the original London date in April but can't go to the rescheduled date on the 1st December so asked for a refund in February and...nothing! I've chased about half a dozen times and only ever got an automated 'we will respond within 5 working days' response, and no refund.

See tickets don't seem to have any other contact method other than a web form either. I haven't had the tickets yet, so I suppose in theory I should still get them and could try and sell them on...

Anyone had any experiences with See tickets and any ideas?

Luckily I've got tickets for the Leeds gig so all is not lost... 8)
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