Life In The Wires

Started by Jem, November 24, 2023, 10:23:26 PM

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Good eve Frosties!

I thought I would give a small news update on how things are going with the new album, which is called "Life In The Wires".

The majority of it is written... well I say that... the majority of it is ProTools sessions with interesting stuff in. I'm still trying to hang it all together into something cohesive, but making Milliontown was very much like this too so don't worry. That turned out fairly presentable...  ;D

The band shall be the usual "classic" lineup as Nath likes to call it - me, him, Connaught and Blunders. I have no plans for additional guest musicians. The others haven't really heard anything so far, it's not time yet. Besides I can't afford the consultancy fees these days.

I have more than a single album of material written, but as with all these things, that doesn't necessarily mean that a double album is a good idea. Much as I love The Lamb, I still think it would have been the GGAOAT if they'd parked a few bits. I always tend to start looking at my inbox halfway through side 3...

That said... I'm not ruling anything out at this stage. If it demands it, I'll do it.

Sound wise...well that's a tricky one. This is the 5th and possibly final album on Inside Out as I genuinely don't know what will happen after this. This will conclude our second recording contract and nobody's pencilling in any lunch dates thus far.

I'm not doom mongering. Simply stated - IO have recently shifted their opinion that "physical" (as they like to call CDs/DVDs etc..) are finally starting to wobble a bit, having been robust up till now. This could be due to many recent global events so I'm not saying this is gospel. But life moves on doesn't it? I'm fine with that if so, for every door that closes etc...

So my feeling right now, sound wise... is if this is the last one for a while, let's remember where we came from and have a bit of a party. :)

Back soon!



Looking forward to it when it's ready - and any Frost* reports along the way!
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My meager purse is always open for new Frost*!  And I gotta say, I do love me a cd. So IO can go stick it!  ;D  But if digital it be, then I'm ready for that, too.

Enjoy the process, Jem!  we've learned to be patient!  8)  RAWK!


And I sincerely thank you for that captain. I know the journey didn't go quite as planned...  ;) but hey we're still here and smiling.


Journey schmourney!!  Don't stop believing!!  ;D


I've got to agree with physical stuff (though not vinyl:I sit there waiting for it to jump or go snap crackle pop) and I really love a good multichannel mix, so yeah, I agree with Rog. IO can do one. Wait, they're my initials, too..:o


I should point out that IO aren't being mean to me or anything, I'm surprised they can still make a label turn a profit to be honest, fair play to 'em.

It was more that we might have to move on or think of another way of distributing. Maybe it's time to be a bit more 21st Century about things. This whole Brexit tariff nonsense between here and the EU/RoW has already caused enough trouble with the Island Live film, and doing the gig in the Summer was a paperwork nightmare which did take a bit of a shine off the whole affair.

Your thoughts, as ever, are always welcome!  :D


Hello Jem!

Costa Rican beered fan here, I'm all in for a move to more digital stuff and my suggestion would be doing Patreon/fan subscription kind-of releases. Of course there are hurdles of doing it this way (what percentage the distributor gets, generating enough recurring posts to keep interest up and the like) but I've seen it work wonders with other independent artists.

Also of interest for people (like me) who like to see how the bread is made, even it smells kinda funky sometimes.

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I should have also added: Frost* without Blunders is fine but it's much better with him. It just feels....right


Huzzah and Hurrah.  No rush - patience is a virtue as the world moves on
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Thanks all!

@FranticDav Hi Chris! Yes I'm thinking along those lines too, not for everything though as that could be off-putting to some people I expect.

One advantage of a bit more digital delivery would be speed. We could be a lot more prolific without the shackles of physical. Currently with vinyl production lead times extending into months now, it really does slow down the rate that things can be released because it all has to come out at the same time to maximise sales.

So although the album's down to be delivered in the spring, it most likely won't come out until next Autumn which is a bit frustrating. That said, they've waited a long time for me to get my arse in gear again so it's swings and roundabouts at the moment. ;D

I also appreciate that people do still like a product they can hold in their hands, and I think that that can still be catered for, but that might be where the Patreon (or whoever) model kicks in. But as I say, we've got 1 more album to deliver for I/O so there's plenty of time to think about it still.

Thanks for the suggestion.  :)


Cool.  I didn't mean to disparage IO, I can always burn a CD if necessary. Ooh, listen to me, getting all nostalgic!

  I like the Patreon idea, I support a few other artists that way already.  Yogev Gabay, for one. There's a fantastic drummer if you're looking, Jem!  Love me some Blunders, though, too, of course!!

I'm here for whatever you dream up, Jem!  ;D