Island Live Blu-ray!!

Started by rogerg, May 05, 2023, 03:48:22 PM

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Was initially a little confused by the various shop options.

For UK & Rest-of-the-World purchases, the links on the page point to, Magenta's merch shop, but for Europe, it goes to Magenta's Bandcamp page. The involvement of Magenta stems from Rob Reed and friends recording the Bath gig that features on the BluRay, AFAIK.

But as a note on the ROTW page on tigermothshop explains:

"Message to any customers from EU countries

Please be advised that you may be charged additional fees by your local post office on any purchases made from this website. A better alternative would be to order from the Magenta and/or Robert Reed Bandcamp pages as there are procedures unique to Bandcamp that facilitate the smooth passing from EU customs processes."

Brexit, eh? All-round winner.


Now I'm confused. On the Bandcamp page, it says that the BluRay + 2CD + Bonus Postcard CD package is £30 (or more, if you wish). It calculates that as €34.25, then adds €8.98 for shipping and tax to The Netherlands, so €43.23 total.

But when you check-out using PayPal, the price is hoicked to £37.35 and then £5 is added for shipping, for a total of £42.35, which it quotes as being approximately €48.74.

What's going on here? I'm not so much worried about the €5 difference in price, but why PayPal is saying the package costs £37.35, when the website says it's £30.

Any ideas, folks?

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Now have to figure out how long it'd take to drive / train to and from Maastricht for the Midsummer Prog Festival gig next month.


I hope you got it worked out, Mark, because it's a banger! (as the kids say ;) )


Come on, you\'re a lion!


I sincerely apologise for the situation TA. Rob Reed and Tigermoth filmed, edited, repro'd and handled the distribution for the Blu-Ray as that stuff is way above my capabilities and I think there was some confusion about how the website handled the international postage. I did talk to him about it so he was aware there were problems. I hope you managed to resolve it. Sorry again!