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Started by CptAJ, November 07, 2008, 09:51:55 PM

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Hey guys, this is my main concern here. Will there be downloadable versions of the albums sold on the site? Given the country I live in its seriously difficult to order otherwise so I'm really hoping you will.

Besides, cd pressing runs being as complicated as they are for kind of independent bands, it really is a no brainer to sell your product on the site if you ask me  ;)


Now that is a good and interesting question...Why don't we do that actually?

I'll have to make some enquiries about it and no doubt the record company will probably try and stop it, but I'll find out if we can.

It's a bloody good idea.


It's a good point. Some people like to download and if it can be done from somewhere that actually makes you some money (i.e. not iTunes) then that would be superb.
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Yes, i'd rather buy it as a download direct from the source, or as near as possible.
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I still would like this on Itunes,

but what will be the fee for Frost* ?

Officially the composer gets 9 ct from the 99 ct and the record company gets about 70 ct.
Depending on the company Frost* could get more then this 9ct as a result...
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