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1984 pt 2

Started by Capt Underpants, January 13, 2009, 09:24:44 AM

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Capt Underpants

Any news on how Jems 1984/ant phillips-esque album is coming on/or isnt as the case maybe?.Im wetting my pants in anticipation of this baby.


Its largely still in my head at the moment I must admit. it's not forgotten though.


For some reason (maybe it's the shiraz i'm drinking) I jumped into this thread thinking it was going to be about 1976 (the menu music on the EIMA DVD).

Jem, I need to hear the rest of that song already.  :D

Pretty please?


Yes Jem, and how about that rocking skiing song you did ;)

i like to friends like to ski......lalalala
If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.


And - just before what must be impending thread derailment - what happened to The Accidental?
It sounded like it was going to be a bit tasty.


I had to make Nigel Slater's slow pan-fried fennel the other day, and due to an accidental lack of lemons, had to make do with orange juice instead. Far, far tastier I reckon.

(Is that a double whammy?)
I was a victim of goose-flirting the other day.
This bleeding great goose came up to me and wanted a light.
I said no.
Goose, there\'ll be no flirting today.



My mum made a cake at the weekend and she used grated lemon rind in it rather than orange rind. It worked really well.



Lemon Bugger.

sounds like a biscuit.


"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


We have Seville oranges growing in our garden. The kids have re-named them "loranges", and we've made very some acceptable lorange-ade from them. The half-gallon of marmalade we made, however, wouldn't set, despite the addition of an entire pack of pectin.

Perhaps we should try candy-ing the peel next, and baking it into cakes and biscuits. Any biscuit recipe suggestions for the Lemon Bugger?
This space for sale.


If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.