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Falling Down MIDI...kinda

Started by Dr.Ripper, January 18, 2009, 04:25:59 AM

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This is totally my first foray into writing out music by ear, so please don't tear me a new one for being a total newb.

It's kind of rough as of yet, but I'm still working on it. I did it in 4/4 with all 16th notes. The second measure to me doesn't always sound right, and the second arrpegiated chord thinger I'm not so sure about.

Have fun?


I wont be the good for nothing.


great job to both of you! I think Narek's is more on target though, I learned up to what you both had last night.  Im so happy I can play this  :D   I will have to try to put together what I know of the solo..


Added a little more to Falling down in guitar pro 5 from what you guys had already done.  Started on the solo, but only got so far =


Can you post a link to the GuitarPro? Or even the MIDI?
I wont be the good for nothing.

ViperK88 ... w.gp5.html

note that i got really lazy with it.  I got to the solo and didnt want to figure out all the timing..but atleast i got the main notes that the beginning of the solo starts out on  :lol:   Also when it gets to the chorus, for some reason i couldnt hit the really low notes, and thats why it sounds the way it does